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Tire Balancing Service

Symptoms of Poorly Balanced Tires

Even a small weight imbalance across the wheel-tire assembly can cause a drastic effect as a wheel spins thousands of times per minute traveling down the road at high speeds. The degree of driving comfort effect is in proportion to the weight imbalance. Also of importance is the fact that some small weight imbalances might not cause driving comfort symptoms until the tires are affected with uneven or rapid tread wear. It is for these reasons that getting a tire balancing service as soon as you start experiencing any symptoms is a great idea because the problems will only worsen. Here are the most common warning signs of needing your tires balanced:

  • Uneven or rapid tire tread wear
  • Tire damages, including cracking, bulging, and cupping 
  • Shaking or vibration in the steering wheel or inside the cabin 

MOPAR Certified Tire Balancing Service

Our tire balancing service begins with a Factory-Trained Technician, specialized wheel balancer equipment, and small precision wheel weights. Your poorly balanced tire will get evaluated with the equipment signaling exactly where to place the precision weight on the wheel rim. Once the weight is applied, the tire balancer will confirm a perfectly weighted wheel-tire assembly, and the tire is them mounted back to the vehicle at factory specifications.

Tire Balancing Service in Naperville, IL

At Naperville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we understand the importance of tire balance and provide our region the most valuable tire balancing service explicitly designed for your car, truck, van, or SUV. Tire balancing will restore each wheel-tire assembly to factory-specified balance using a proven service protocol and specialized balancing equipment. Tire balancing is an automotive service that relies on specialized equipment that can evaluate and establish an even weight across the wheel-tire assembly. Since the wheel-tire assembly rotates extremely fast as you drive, even a small weight imbalance can cause serious problems with tires and driving comfort. When the tire balancing equipment detects that the weight is not balanced, it can also identify where the weight is imbalanced and how to correct the problem with a precise weight applied to the rim.


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Naperville CJDR Service Department Amenities

Naperville CJDR Service Department Amenities

Naperville CJDR Service Department Amenities

Naperville CJDR Service Department Amenities