Types of Mopar Oil Changes

Mopar Oil Changes in Naperville, IL

Mopar as a term references aftermarket and original parts for Chrysler and Dodge, historically. In modern terms, it means the same with the exception of economies which have linked Chrysler and Dodge with Fiat, Ram trucks as a brand of their own running through the same system of factories and dealers, and Jeep products. 

Mopar is a clever conjugation of the words "Motor Parts" which serves economically as a backup system by assuring parts and service will be available for your vehicle even should the original company from which you made the purchase change names or ownership. When it comes to oil changes, Mopar doesn't provide the best oil for every car, they provide the best oil for your car according to the design and specifications the engineers established before the manufacturing line was assembled.

Why You Need Mopar


Mopar, although an independent company for the sake of economics, works directly with Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Fiat to design standard and appropriate aftermarket parts for your car. When it comes to oil, Mopar provides the highest quality which won't break down or contribute to unwanted debris and buildup in your internal engine parts.


Whether conventional, synthetic, or a mix, is your preference, Mopar makes an oil you can rely on. As an additional mention of the topic of synthetic versus conventional oils, most of what you've heard on the topic is a myth, rumor, and hearsay. The fact is, neither is better. Synthetic doesn't have to be replaced as often, that's the bonus. It does statistically improve power and gas mileage, but not to a point you'll notice if you aren't a professional driver.

Risking Higher Mileage Oil Change Intervals


Let's not make up an awkward sales pitch that isn't true, you can buy oil from a dollar store and run it through your engine for much less than the price of buying genuine Mopar oil. With that said, dollar store oil is going to break down and need replacement sooner, foul your oil filter and cause it to need replacement sooner, and potentially introduce grime and grit which damages gaskets and moving parts inside the engine.

Reputable Mopar Service Center


If you're out of town and the oil light comes on, absolutely pour in a quart of generic oil, it's better than running low. When you get back in town, contact a reputable dealer such as Naperville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram serving Wheaton, Plainville, Aurora, and Bolingbrook, Illinois to conduct a full oil service change and inspect the vehicle for the reason behind the problem so you can get back on the road with full confidence knowing Mopar authorized parts and fluids are meeting your vehicle's design specifications.



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Naperville CJDR Service Department Amenities

Naperville CJDR Service Department Amenities

Naperville CJDR Service Department Amenities

Naperville CJDR Service Department Amenities