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You need to take care of your brakes so you can stop your car, but there is more involved in taking care of your braking system. Brake system inspections can spot problems before they develop. This is why you should bring your car to Naperville Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Naperville, IL. We are a short drive from Wheaton, Aurora, and Bolingbrook, IL. Taking care of scheduled maintenance items like brakes can prevent more costly repairs later on, and that will save you money in the long run.

Brakes generally do not go out suddenly, which is why inspections are a good idea. Brakes may squeal or grind, or there may be jerky motions to one side when you stop. These are signs of a brake problem, or if it is just taking longer to stop than average, you should have them checked. The most common repair is brake pad replacement since those are the things that actually stop your car, they have the most wear. Brake fluid exchange, Brake Rotors Resurfacing, or Replacement are also items that often need work. A basic brake job includes replacing the pads, resurfacing or replacing the rotors, adding brake fluid and bleeding the fluid as required. Brake fluid exchange is also a part of good brake care.

Maintaining Your Brakes

Since brakes do not go out suddenly, you may be lulled into not paying attention to what is happening and miss the signs that work needs to be done. If you stay on top of the situation, brake pad replacement may be all you will need. Failing to replace the will cause problems for your rotors, and that will cause brake rotors resurfacing or replacement repairs. Like most things in your car, things get worse when not maintained. Ignoring your brake pads could lead to your rotors being damaged, which could, in extreme cases, cause the wheels to fall off your car. Spending a little on maintenance will save you from having to spend a lot later on more significant repairs that could have been prevented.


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Complete Braking System Services

Bring your car to us today at Naperville Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Dupage County. We also service Wheaton, Aurora, and Bolingbrook, IL. If it has been a while since your brakes have been checked, even if they are not showing signs of wear, brake system inspections are a good idea. 

Come see us today and let our certified technicians using the latest equipment service in your car. It's great to keep your vehicle running well, but you also need to make sure you can stop the vehicle when needed. See us today for the best automotive care in the area.

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