These Seasonal Naperville CJDR Care Tips Will Get Your Family Through Rain, Sleet, Snow and Even Summer Fun.

While every vehicle from the FCA line, including models from Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram, is designed for years of heavy use, their service lives can be extended by making simple maintenance adjustments throughout the year.  This is because each season offers unique weather-related challenges that can either cause damage to an automobile or affect its performance.  To help your family get the most out of its sedan, SUV, or truck, we've put together a few Naperville CJDR car care tips that specifically deal with maintenance and operation issues that relate to the seasons.  Check back regularly, as we plan to add links to more seasonal auto care tips throughout the year:


CJDR Winter Auto Care Tips-

The most important winter auto care tip is actually to complete your car's winterization process in the late fall, before cold weather sets in.  Once the weather has changed, however, remember that a properly prepared engine can overheat on even the coldest days if its radiator and grille are not cleared after a snowfall.  Likewise, cars that are not properly cleaned, waxed, and sealed during the winter months can start to experience corrosion on the chassis, inside the wheel well, or along points where the body has been damaged.  Care should also be taken to ensuring that your tires are ideal for winter road conditions, while it's also important for drivers to adjust their driving style to take into account the hazards caused by icy and snowy conditions.


CJDR Spring Auto Care Tips-

The focus of the spring Naperville CJDR Car Care Tips that will be added to this page throughout the year will be inspecting automobile systems for signs of damage or corrosion following a long winter.  Extended periods of cold weather, for instance, can negatively affect a battery, while wires, lines, and parts of the chassis that have been repeatedly exposed to snow mixed with road salt may have begun to decay if not properly sealed.  It's also essential to inspect a vehicle's wheel alignment and suspension in the early spring, as repeated contact with potholes over the winter may have created problems that will only magnify if they go unchecked.

-Importance of Spring Wheel Alignment


CJDR Summer Auto Care Tips-

Summer car care tips usually involve preparations for long vacation drives.  Once the heat index rises, it's essential to make sure that your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or Ram's radiator/coolant system is working properly.  Checking to see if your vehicle's air conditioning system is up to par is also something that should be done before the true dog days of summer begin.  Not sure how to perform a proper check?  Remember that we're the Naperville dealership that's always happy to provide full vehicle maintenance and inspections.  Simply call the Service Department at (630) 687-9834.


CJDR Fall Auto Care Tips-

Fall is the last time of the year where it's convenient to stay outside for long periods of time, so auto care tips for this season are focused on preparing the vehicle for winter.  Late October is an ideal time to winterize your vehicle, so one Naperville CJDR Car Care Tip is to plan on having a weekend where you're able to inspect the vehicle's batteries and lines, change its oil, and then clean, wax, and seal its exposed surfaces.  Mid to late fall is also a perfect time to switch to winter tires, which are currently offered as a tire/wheel package through Mopar® at our Naperville dealership.  For more detailed Naperville CJDR Car Care Tips on how to winterize your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or Ram vehicle, check this page for more detailed links as they're added throughout the year.

While these tips are designed to make maintaining your FCA vehicle something that can be done at home, we understand that many drivers will prefer to have some services performed by a trained professional.  Call Naperville CJDR's Service Department at (630) 687-9834 to schedule service, including complete inspections, or, if you enjoy performing your own maintenance, contact the Parts Department at (630) 687-9834 to order authentic Mopar® products.