Naperville Brake System Fluid Exchange & Flush Service Special in Naperville, IL

Isn't Exchange Enough? Why Flush is Important 

Exchange represents the bare minimum for removing brake fluid contamination; however, the exchange will not remove all of the pollutants. Flush Service uses a special tool and solvent to extract every drop of contamination from the Brake System. Flush Service is essential because it guarantees the removal of every drop of water contamination threatening Brake System performance. 


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What's Brake System Fluid Exchange & Flush?

The Brake System is a hydraulic system because it relies on hydraulic brake fluid to resist compression and pass stopping force generated by the master cylinder into each wheel for powerful braking action between the brake pads and rotors. Brake fluid is the hydraulic liquid that transfers stopping power through the brake system; without Brake Fluid, the Brake System could not function at all. Brake Fluid has a limitation in its tendency to absorb moisture that can heat up and compress if it turns into vapor inside the brake lines. If any moisture starts to contaminate the Brake Fluid, it will need to be exchanged & flushed to ensure proper braking at peak performance. 

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Never Ignore Warning Signs of a Brake System Malfunction 

It's one thing to put up with faulty brake system performance that only affects driving comfort; however, it's another to consider risking passenger safety when you know that you have defect in the Brake System. Merely knowing that there is a problem with the Brake System should be enough for you to get motivated in scheduling Brake System Fluid Exchange & Flush Service because a defective Brake System carries defect risks. Each time you slow down for a school zone or have to stop to prevent a collision, the Brake System is a vital safety system. If you have any signs of defective Brake System performance, we invite you at Naperville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to schedule Brake System Fluid Exchange & Flush Service that will restore powerful brake system performance at factory specifications. Here is a list of the warning signs associated with faulty Brake System performance that you should never ignore:

  • Leaking brake fluid or requires topping off
  • Brakes make unusual noises when activated
  • Vehicle is at the recommended maintenance interval for brake fluid, brake pads, or rotor resurfacing services
  • Engaging in risky driving factors - frequent short trips, hauling heavy loads, towing, stop-and-go traffic
  • Brake System Warning Light comes on

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